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Advanced Texturing Asset for Unity 4

This system allows for multitexturing a mesh or a terrain, based on a splat map with up to 4 textures. Each splat is normal mapped, and they have the option (at runtime or compile time) of being parallax mapped, relief mapped or tessellated(depending on platform/device capabilities). The level of displacement is set per texture, as is the specular colour. A specular map can be integrated into the diffuse map alpha channel using the tools provided. A full mesh normal map can be integrated with the splat normal maps, and a fallback texture can be provided as well.

Shaders compatible with Unity's built-in terrain are supplied, but a set of tools is also provided to export the terrain into a mesh and the required maps (although not vegetation or trees at this point).

In short, this system provides:

  • 4 texture multitexturing with normal maps
  • parallax mapping
  • relief mapping
  • per splat height based tessellation
  • per splat specular and specular colour
  • whole mesh normal map
  • whole mesh fallback texture
  • PS 2.0 fallback(4 mesh multitexture+ whole mesh normal map) that also runs on modern mobile GPUs
  • whole mesh shininess for Beast interaction
  • specular map into alpha of diffuse tool
  • tool for integrating splat heightmaps for displacement mapping
  • per material options
  • built in terrain mesh exporter
  • built in terrain splatmap exporter
  • heightmap exporter for built in terrain to generate whole mesh normal map
  • texture grayscale exporter for simplified displacement map, where displacement map for texture is unavailable
  • splatmap normalizer tool
  • simplified texture generator
  • a five level quality system




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